The noble purpose

Basic information in brief

 It is known for a long time that the cause of cervical cancer is the Human PapillomaVirus (HPV). There are many types of this virus that are classified in groups of low (LR) or high (HR) risk.

Types that cause cervical cancer belong to the high risk group (HR). Among these, there are four further types (16, 18, 31, 33) which are able to create tumour cells faster than the rest.

Consequently, typing is particularly important, to diagnose which group the detected HPV is classified to, and if it is high risk then which type.

The classic cervical screening (cytology examination) only provides expertise of the surface cells of the cervix. However HPV typing is not part of official cervical cancer screening.

Therefore the main goal is to draw attention to the possibility and need of HPV detection and typing. It is important that ladies are properly informed, and get to know the following fact:

cervical cancer screening = HPV typing

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