Route Plan


13th of May, 2018,


At The Spire of Dublin in the heart of Dublin City, in about 4 weeks time

Plan A (primary route):

Budapest – Wien – Linz – Passau – Regensburg – Nancy – Reims – Beauvais – Dieppe  B  Newhaven – Portsmouth – Bath – Liverpool  B  Dublin

Plan B (standby route):

(Necessary if there is adverse weather, slow pace, other obstacles, etc.)
Budapest – Wien – Linz – Passau – Strasburg – Nancy – Reims – Beauvais – Cherbourg  B  Dublin

A caravan type escorting vehicle will accompany us all along the journey, providing us with meals, beverages and accommodation at every stop.

Our route will always be available live on this website, so that everyone can follow our journey, track our location, also anyone can join us for longer or shorter distances.

Photo and video updates will follow daily on the Facebook page of the bike tour.