My name is Dr Karoly Balazsy. I was born in the Hungarian town of Baja on the 4th of April, 1958.
Biking has always been part of my life.
I moved to Dublin in October 2014 and I started to work as a private gynaecologist. Currently I work at the “For Women’s Health” clinic.

When I experienced a lot of difficulties transporting my bike over from Hungary, once it came to my mind that it would be a good idea to ride to Dublin one day. Of course, at that time I didn`t mean it seriously.
By 2016, when I had already been riding my bike 30 – 60 kilometers a day, I realized that this idea could actually be realistic and feasible at some stage. However, cycling on my own would be a very boring experience so I decided to gather some teammates for this tour. Even so, pedaling 2300 kilometers without a goal, would be meaningless. But for Women`s health, it would definitely be a noble purpose.